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2013 -01-03 


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Birger Jarl

BOB puppy March 16, 2013 at an all breed puppy show

Judge Cathrin Westin

" Seven months male puppy with a lovely carisma. Lovely body and bone.
Beautiful head. Beautiful eyes. Well-filled nose. Lovely neck and chest. 
Tight/strong topline. Nice tail. Nice coat. Really nice movement.
Good temperament."
Cherie and Belle
Both sisters are winning BEST IN SHOW 3 at an all breed CAC show

On March 2 Cherie won BOB youngster and BEST IN SHOW 3 in Gera, Germany. It was Cherie´s first enter.

Judge Mr. Schicker, Germany

"Reverse sicorr bite, stacked correct, compact body, head with expression, black pigmentation, dark oval eyes, strong nicely arched Neck, moves pretty well, a dog with lots of future"


On March 3 Belle won BOB youngster and BEST IN SHOW 3 Gera, Germany. It was Belle´s first enter.

Judge Mr. Thonks, Ireland

"very good puppy, correct length, excellent balance, tail set perfect, good head, correct eyes, moving good"

Madame de Pompadour and Mousquetaire

All breed puppy show January 12, 2013. Judge Hans Almgren

(more than 500 puppies in one big hall)

Mousquetaire BOB

" Well balanced male with an elegant head, powerful jaws and excellent bite. Well marked chin, good length of nose, elegant scull, good neck, plain top-line,lovely hindquarters, good height of the tail, excellent structure of coat, moves relatively to his age. Nice temperament. "

Madame de Pompadour BOS

" Female of good size, sweet head, super feminine. Excellent jaws, marked chin, nice line of the neck. Well carried long tail, when she get it. Long chest, excellent volume. Adult coat on the way, attractive colors with deep dark pigmentation. "